Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cinqueterre / Manarola Day 4: Rock jumping and prosecco sunsets.

Today we slept in. And by "we" I mean me and Doug, since Tanya is waking up at 5AM and I can't really consider that sleeping in at all.

We didn't really do anything today. It felt great. Had a long breakfast and read and relaxed on the balcony. I needed the rest day (I think we all did) - my legs are pretty sore from the steep incline hikes we've done the past two days.

Walked over to the cemetary before lunch and checked it out. Peaceful and pretty as cemetaries usually are.

View of the cemetary we visited from our balcony.

Grabbed some focaccia breads, pesto lasagna, and fried calamari for lunch. Ate it on the balcony. Not sure if I'm mentioned the view from our balcony yet... ;)

Calamari, very lightly fried - very delicious. 

Pesto tomato focaccia, salami focaccia, and pesto lasagna. 

Swam in the Ligurian Sea again. We jumped off a giant rock twice. And by "we" I mean me and Doug, since Tanya is not jumping off any giant rocks. The sea is super salty. I think.... this might be my first time swimming in a sea?

After some afternoon limoncino (this stuff is good), Doug and I set out for a date night. We hiked up this hill and had a good view of the town and of the sun setting over the mountains. I am failing to grow tired of these sunset views.

We climbed up to the top of this hill for the sunset. 

View of the town, and our apartment, from about halfway up the hill.

Manarola as the sun began to set. 

On our way up, we could actually see Tanya sitting and reading on our balcony. Middle house, shortest rooftop, the third balcony from the top. We decided to scream her name from across the town to see if she could hear us. Doug's yell REVERBERATED throughout the hills. She immediatly looked over and saw us and waved. This was from at least 300 feet (not meters, feet - I'm an American after all) away (about the length of a football field). High on the Obnoxious Tourist scale, but also high on the Hysterical scale, so it was worth it.

Tanya reading from the balcony. Just when she thought she was finally getting a moment of peace and quiet...
 It was hot (and we had just climbed an intense hill) so we cooled down next to this.... structure, with some sparkling white wine we'd bought at the winery a few days prior.
Shade while the sun went down. Admired the town, the view, and the grapes. That bag of cement also made a good backrest. 

The selfie stick continues to come in very handy.

That selfie was good, but, can we make it mushier somehow?


Lucky girl!

Also handy: Doug removing the rock from  his butt after 30 minutes of resting (un)comfortably on it.

Happy with the butt rock extraction. Celebrating with the selfie stick. 

Doug watching the sunset. Sans butt rock. 

The sun is done for the day. 

Good ending to another great day in the Cinqueterre.


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    1. Pictures don't do it justice! :)

  2. I'm intrigued by the Coca Cola light. Tanya's?

    1. Hello Anonymous. Yep, the CCL is Tanya's. Europe's version of the diet soda.