Saturday, June 27, 2015

Venice Day 1: Corn! And, Canals.

Venice is absolutly surreal. 

But first: check out what we saw on the train ride from Florence to Venice! Corn

Am I in Hoopeston?

I think we were all dumbstruck when we got off the train. The city is like nothing I've ever seen before.

We got a private taxi to get to our apartment. A water taxi, to be specific.

This picture is brought to you by Becky's Selfie Stick. 

We spent most of the time sitting outside the boat, but we were too excited to take pics. 

Once again, the apartment we rented is the shit. This is the view from our balcony. And yes, that tower really is leaning.

This bridge (Venice has over 400) is right outside our rental.

We're staying in the Castello area of Venice. This little fruit stand is around the corner from us.

Greg, super excited to be in Venice!

This woman had a little shop where she'd embroider things right in front of you (and per request).

We walked to St. Mark's Square. Tanya snagged a Bellini (champagne and fruit drink) on the way. I had to take my braces (Clear Correct, aka generic Invisalign) out to take a sip (sugar makes them gross). I think think I was making a great impression in Venice already!

Keepin it classy in Venice. 

We stopped by a nearby patio restaurant. Very touristy so we kept our expectations in line, but also tried to sample some food that Venice is known for.

Salted creamed cod and grilled polenta, both Venetian specialties. They were both good.

A seafood sampler platter. Sardines (Venetian specialty), clams, prawns, octopus, mussles, some sort of fish. All decent.

Sardines sauteed in onions. If you like sardines and onions (I do) these weren't bad.

Vegetable risotto. Risotto is a Venetian specialty. Meh.

Grilled sea bass. Excellent!

Also, a rare sight: Greg pouring wine, captured on film! Call National Geographic! Also... check out my awesome mosquito bites - Florintine souveniers. 

Now you see me...

Now you don't. 
We continued to walk around after dinner. The kids got some gelato and we all watch the sun set behind St. Marks Basillica from a bridge on the waterfront.


  1. Leaning tower checked off the list. Who cares if it wasn't in Pisa?