Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Cinqueterre / Manarola Day 2: Hiking to Corniglia, Wine, and Lobsters.

Good morning. 

Doug and T-Boz, enjoying breakfast on our balcony. 

Fresh crossaint from bakery in town. 

View of the city from our balcony. 

The view from our balcony apartment is not bad.

We hiked from Manarola to Corniglia today. It was almost all incline on the way over. It's a bit humid so we were sweating like mad, but the views really paid off.

View of Corniglia. More than halfway there :)

We made it! Hiked to Corniglia - city is in the background. 

Had lunch at a small cafe in Corniglia.

The "big mix" salad - tuna, tomato, fresh mozzarella. 

Doug's pesto pannini. Yum. 

Tanya's bruschetta - with tomato, mozarella, and, of course, fresh pesto. 

Of course, I miss all the Wershings, but today, I especially missed Logan. He would have loved the billion steps we had to take to get to Corniglia (including these last sets from the city to the train station to get back to Manarola), as well as all the wide-lense photo opportunties of the cities on our hike.

Post hike and post lunch, we had to bomb down these stairs to get to the train station. 

Once we got back, we hiked up to Groppo for some wine tasting. The Cinqueterre is known for their white wine and their sciacchetra.

Sciacchetra. I typically don't like dessert wines, but this one was lighter. Very tasty. 

After waiting for the train for almost an hour (we didn't pay attention to the timing and this was a total bummer for me - especially because the stupid ride is only 3 minutes!) and hiking in the heat not being able to find the town of Groppo where the winery was located, I was in a shitty mood. But give me a few tastings of prosecco, white wine, sciaccetra, and limoncillo? Feeling like a million bucks! :)

This stick figure captured my activities perfectly. Also, I forget to take my sunglasses off indoors because they're prescription. I'm not trying to be shiesty or anything. 

We finally found Groppo. And their winery.
 We were disgusting after hours of hiking. So Tanya took a shower and Doug and I stepped down (literally) to the beach for a quick swim.

Manarola is awesome.

My handsome husband. 

For dinner, again on our host's recomendation, we went to Aristide. Another incredible meal in Manarola.

Stuffed mussels (amazing).

Ravioli with spinach and ricotta in a brown butter sage sauce (with fresh sage leaves).
Tanya is happy with this delicious pasta she ordered. 

The special of the night: Lobster with vegetables. I ordered it, thinking it would be a small tail or a few pieces of lobster with vegetables. When I saw them bring out an ENTIRE lobster, I got nervous. I had not intended to order a $100 lobster dinner, and since it was a special, the price wasn't listed. Ugh... I was feeling guilty... until we got the bill. And this dish was a mere 25 Euro. I took home half a lobster an a ton of veggies in a "take-away" box with a big ass smile. I was so busy concentrating on extracting this thing from it's shell, that I didn't notice the envy that I instigated (as reported by Doug and Tanya) from other patrons.


Pasta with clams, tomato, and arugula. Amazing. And, Doug's choice! More seafood!

Slice of lasagna. It was tasty, but nothing spectacular.

It's hard to mess up lasagna. This was fine. 

Tanya ordered a roasted chicken. I tried one bite. I'll leave it at that :)

Roast chicken at a seaside town is like ordering the steak at a sushi restaurant. It's probably fine, but it's nothing to write home about. Or text home about, if we're going to update this saying to the 21st century. 

Happy with my lobster. Especially after I leaned the price. I can see a jealous patron over my shoulder, regretting his shitty spaghetti bolognase choice. Loser!

We took a short walk across the other side of the water to capture a view of our apartment (and the city we're staying in) at night after dinner.

View of our city, and our apartment, from across the water. Stunning in person. 

A great hike, great dinner, great food, great wine, great husband, great friend, great views. Life is pretty good.

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