Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Rome Day 3: Roman Rain, and I gain perspective on my feet. Hello Borghese!

You learn quickly that the major tourist areas of Rome (especially the Coloseum) are full of vendors walking around selling selfie sticks. Selfie sticks have always seemed like the most pretentious, obnoxious, self-absorbed item to me. Then Greg busted out his selfie stick he bought at Fry's in the States (sucker! We could have purchased one here for 5 Euro!), I realized that selfie sticks are actually pretty sweet... and acknowledged that I'm a actually pretty pretentious, obnoxious, and self-absorbed. Come to think of it, is there any better accessory for me than a selfie stick?! I need one!

For this morning, though, an old-fashioned selfie will have to do. This is Doug and me about two minutes after waking up.

Getting photobombed by the Coloseum. 

View of Tanya, Bryce, and Logan walking on hard uneven stone. 

Our feet still look better than this chick's, though. 

"La Verita" by Bernini. Unfinished. 

Unfinished feet vs. my finished feet. (Though her breasts and feet are also unfinished, so I'll count my blessings). 

Today, Doug, Tanya, Brycen, and I headed to the Borghese Museum to check out some sculptures and paintings. At the Borghese,  you have to make your reservations for a specific time, a few weeks prior. They only let 360 people in to the museum at one time, and you have only two hours to view the museum. So, while the hassle of booking ahead and having to be there at a specific time is a little inconvinient, it's worth it to be able to view the museum with a very small crowd.

The Rape of Persephina (sp?) was interesting to walk in a circle around - the views changed. And that three headed dog is creepy.

A few other classics:

[dark painting pics, Raphael I think]

I touched a hand to Jesus.

Doug found an inspirational bust.

I found a pair of shoes I liked. (Gladiator sandals are totally in right now - making a comeback!)

Bernini's "David". Getting ready to fire that sling!

This was a neat picture, the stone cushion was impressive to me. Looks real! (Hard as a rock I bet).

In this Raphael painting, you can see the painting peeling away from the frame.

Raphael's Deposition of Christ

Afterward, the four of us strolled through the Borghese Gardens, which were totally weak. But our subsequent stroll through the Villa Borghese - sort of like a large central park sort of area - was very pleasant. It was warm and overcast, had very few tourists (except for a huge tour group walking to the Borghese), and some locals jogging or exercising/running. We saw the Ancient City Walls, and this giant horse.

We headed over to the Spanish steps. The walk was neat.

I'm not sure what exactly I was expecting with the Spanish Steps, but it was essentially a huge staircase with an obelisk at the top. It was worth it to see some local graffiti!

Denk is Italian for dank. Ready to roll one!

View from the Spanish Steps

We walked around Piazza di Spagna. Lots of fancy, high end shops. We took the Metro back. Lots of local artistry :)

Met up with Greg, Logan, and Kendra for Pizza at Luzzi's. Mildly touristy, super cheap, good pizza.

Pizza arrived just as we were running out of our litre of white wine :)

At this point, we had officially done everything on our Rome itinerary. I was feeling really good! And just like that, on our (very short) walk home, it started to rain. It's like the universe knew to wait for the downpour.

Greg and Kendra pulled off to wait out the sprinkle at a coffee shop... which turned in to some torrential downpour.  

Waiting it out = watching the patio flood. 

Greg's bourbon had a touch of coffee. 

It was actually nice to sit in our apartment and look out on the city with the rain (and some LOUD thunder). Logan made some excellent espresso (and even did the dishes!).

View from the living room. Rain. 

Logan's excellent espresso. 

Totally natural, un-posed photo of us drinking espresso. 

Best barista :)

The rain cleared away to more sunshine, so we went out for a walk. Again, lots of ruins dispersed throughout the city streets.

This is Doug and Logan's "What the hell is with all these old buildings?!"  pose. 

Seemed appropriate to snag some gelato. This place was awesome. You can get a small (piccola) cup with THREE FLAVORS, which was totally awesome (screw you Devine's of Sacramento and your stupid 1-flavor-in-a-small rule. I will continue to boycott you). Between the four of us we tried 11 flavors (because Logan got two instead of three).

We then laughed about this umbrella. Obviously not up for the job of Roman Rain. Suckers!

The former owner of this umbrella went home wet.

For our last night in Rome, we decided to do a home-cooked meal. Logan, Doug, and I went to work prepping and cooking. We went to the market down the street from our apartment and picked up some groceries. Sauteed mushrooms, onions, chard, and fresh Italian spicy sausage (tied together with actual string - neat), with "fresh" (it was packaged) pasta and gnocci. With wine and fresh bread from the deli, and a beautifully set table by Logan, we were set. It was great to sit around the big table, reflect on our trip, talk about the high points and the hijinks. I like to call it "the peach and the pit", but Doug hates that since he knows I copied the phrase from Keeping Up with the Kardashians (#TeamCaitlyn). We were able to move past this dispute and reflect on a good trip.

Tanya and Doug at the buffet. 

Fresh ravioli, fresh gnocci, sauteed mushrooms, onion, and chard with tomato sauce. Yes, that is an extra giant pile of tomato sauce on my plate. Mopped it up with fresh bakery bread :)

Rome was awesome, and worth the wait. Tomorrow, we head to Florence!


  1. Great synopsis once again Becky! I personally was glad for the rain because it justified bringing my little umbrella. And, I felt confident that the lightening would strike the Coliseum before it got our apartment. Have you mentioned how close we were to the Coliseum?

    1. Damn it! I should have gotten some selfies in front of our view of the Coloseum. Oh well. I"ll make up for it with additional selfies in front of you for the rest of the trip :D

    2. Damn it! I should have gotten some selfies in front of our view of the Coloseum. Oh well. I"ll make up for it with additional selfies in front of you for the rest of the trip :D