Friday, June 26, 2015

Florence Day 3: Nude paintings and nude people! Rejoicing with fresh ravioli.

Our last full day in Florence started with a trip to the Centrale Mercado again - but this time to the bottom floor, where they have their daily market. Logan, Doug, Tanya, Brycen, and I cruised around and bought the supplies for our last-dinner-in-the-city home cooked meal. 

My inspiration had been seeing this in the garbage can the day before: 

Who is going to take out this delicious batch of garbage?

Look at that giant piece of bread! I was buying one for sure. Never have I been so inspired for a meal by a can of garbage. 

We picked out our fresh made pasta at the counter and took down the rest of the pomodoro sauce. (We heard the lady at the counter yell back to the kitchen something in Italian, including the word "pomodoro" - time for them to whip up another batch!)

Gettin our pomodoro on. 

The ravioli selection. We went with spinach and ricotta - Logan's choice. 

Hello, we hit up the cheese and meat vendor that we liked the best and went to town. Fresh mozzarella (at a different vendor), big slab of grana padano, and a few slices of several different meats.

I had to deal with a lot of complaining from a few of my fellow shoppers at the dessert counter. Apparantly, purchasing a chocolate brownie, an apple struedel cake, and a biscotti torte cake thing was not nearly enough dessert. The fear of running out this evening was sending a panic for a few unnamed. I held strong. 

Tanya supervising the dessert selections. 

Apple strudel cake. 

We took our groceries home and spent a long time at the outdoor leather markets just outside the Centrale Mercado. I tried on several leather jackets, Kendra and Tanya checked out several leather purses, and in the end we bought nothing, despite the fact that we were offered "special pricing - just for you! half off - just for you!". We were pretty special.

Greg inspecting the goods. 

A rare moment captured on film - Tanya shopping!

We got a quick lunch near the Duomo at a "self service" place. You get in line and point out the dishes that you want. They stick them on a tray, warm up the hot dishes, and you pay at the end. Quick and easy, and surprisingly not too bad.

"May I have the platter of pesto pasta, please?"

View from across the street. 
We walked to the Point Vecchio bridge and checked out the shops there. It got one star (actually I think he only uses triangles, but whatever) from Rick Steves, but I thought it would still be cool. It definitly deserved the one triangle. Lots of silver and gold jewelry shops (and selfie sticks vendors, of course), a million people, etc.
We didn't stay long.

Next up was the Uffizi Gallery.

I'll admit I was getting some museum-fatigue at this point, but, it was still an awesome experience. And we got to see the Birth of Venus. I think what made me happiest about this museum experience was seeing Greg (not typically a museum guy) enjoy this museum. Instead of giving history on the paintings and sculptures on display (which is typical), the descriptions instead spoke to the history of the Uffizi - when the painting was aquired, how long it had been at the Uffizi, where it came from previously, etc. So to learn the history about the Uffizi gallery was interesting to Greg and it made me happy to know he enjoyed it.

Selfie sticks not allowed in the Uffizi, so I had to use the prehistoric method of a selfie. 

Doug: "You da Man!" Other guy: "Naw dawg, YOU da man!"
Home for our daily naps and dinner prep, I admired our enourmous breads for a few minutes first.

That is a large green grocery bag, for scale. 

Sign of some good bread: oil stained paper. 

Our patio appertivos turned out great.

Doug cooked the fresh ravioli's perfectly - they were delicious.

We retired to our Evening Patio for dessert; I'm happy to say we had plenty (even leftovers!). Mainly because the desesrts were a little less than stellar :)

In addition to the upper patio area having a better view and breeze in the evenings, it also gives us an amazing view in to another couple's apartment. Totally not creepy at all! This is Italy!

The moon, and the view from our upstairs patio. 

Zoom in, and you can see her rendition of the Birth of Venus.

Zoom in. 

We all wanted to stop but you know Tanya - totally insistent we continue spying on this couple. So we did until we felt like this:

Notice the empty wine glass? (Kidding - he's sixteen! Just water :)
Kinda gives you an idea about the level of excitement for our neighbor's show :)

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