Friday, January 23, 2015

Maui Day 6: Raw Fish and Book Club (both Hawaii Style)

Our last (full) day in Maui. Boo.

Our morning was leisurely, and may or may not have included some leftover cream puffs.

It also included some extreme morning reading.

Doug, very attuned to the tablet. Tanya is unimpressed. 

We headed to Maluaka Beach for some snorkeling. Luckily there was a high surf warning, as well as some giant ass boat dropping off people in the middle of the beach (I remain confused as to what was actually going on). Doug and I opted to sit on the beach and laugh at the rest of the group attempting to get in to the water. Because it's totally, totally OK to make fun of people trying to do something challenging when you're sitting on your butt eating snacks underneath a tree on the beach. (Yes, that's right, we weren't even brave enough to venture in to the sunlight.)

Beautiful beach with a ridiculously strong surf today. 

The tree. 

Sitting around on the beach watching other people swim really increases your appetite, so we headed out for some poke at Eskimo Candy.

It was good. I've had better "plain" poke (with sesame/green onion/etc.), but I've never had these particular flavors of poke, so it was fun to try. The poke bowl (which we opted for without rice and a seaweed salad instead) came with four different varieties: Wasabi, Shoyu, Furikake and Spicy.

Poke Sampler. Awesome. 

Doug doesn't like fish in particular so he didn't eat anything, but the trip was still fun for him because there was a pirate.

Arrgg. Me don't like raw fish. Ahoy Matey! 

I am unclear on what the pirate has to do with Eskimo Candy.

Doug, Tanya and I headed back home for some relaxation. On our way home, we stopped to watch the kite surfers and wind surfers near our rental property at Ho'okipa Beach.

Kite surfers. 

Wind surfers. They look like moths on the water. 

The house we are staying at is actually really nice. It's in a quiet part of Maui, in a small town called Haiku near Paia. It's recently remodeled on the inside, spacious and beautiful.

Clown Car entering the property through the bamboo gate. 

View from driveway (gate open). 

Can you find the Clown Car?

View from front steps. 

View out our bedroom window. 

View from the kitchen. A Gecko! Geico? Gecko? 

Since all members were in attendance and sober, we decided to have our Book Club meeting. Book Club is always off-site and there's no better place for an off-site meeting than Maui.

I don't have many good pictures of our Book Club session, so we decided to do some dramatic reenactment shots of the meeting about 5 minutes after the session was adjourned. And by "we" I mean "me and Doug". Tanya's reenactments are actually pretty realistic.

I made a giant "try and eat up all the leftovers" dinner, which turned out pretty OK. The highlight was the pesto grilled cheese sandwiches (total win!) and the chicken taco station. The lowlight was the frozen stir fry vegetables that I tried to roast. They were awful (but we all powered thru a generous helping of veggies anyway!).

Cleanup dinner. The veggies were terrible. 

So what about you? Are you sick of cream puffs yet? Did that giant bowl of raw fish look awesome or horrifying? Every try windsurfing or kite surfing? Read any good books lately?


  1. I agree with Doug: if I told my kids we were going to Eskimo Candy and set down that plate in front of them they would be horrified. Where's the candy? What is wrong with Eskimos if they think this stuff is candy?

  2. Eskimo's know what's up. That poke was like candy! Awsm :-)