Thursday, January 22, 2015

Maui Day 5: Eat like a whale, then float like one.

Doug's ears are feeling better!

When you've got a full day of activities ahead, it's best to power up with some donuts. Komoda Store and Bakery helped us start the day off with a spoon full of sugar. Or 80 spoons of sugar. Whatever.

Clockwise from top left: guava filled something? Plain something? Bean paste donut, plain bean paste donut, chocolate pudding filled donut, macadamia crusted long john (awesome), coconut croissant thing (center). 

Another long john and two donut sticks. Kind of like donut holes on a stick. Good. 

These cream puffs were giant. I'm not a huge fan of custard but these were popular with the group.

Yes. This was twelve donuts and twelve cream puffs for six people for one breakfast.

Donuts - yum. 

We ate in the breakfast nook and enjoyed the beautiful Hawaiian sunshine. It was just a hair short of being perfect. Thankfully, Doug was able to identify what was missing from the meal: tater tots. (Gena Love, you'd be proud!)

Everybody happy and relieved with the addition of a giant plate of tater tots to the 24 pastries.  

After powering up we were off to a morning of snorkeling at Honoapilani beach in Kaanapali.

By the way, thank you to Christa K for the awesome snorkel gear. She gave it to us as a wedding gift almost 5 years ago. Since then we've brought it to Oahu, Hawaii for our honeymoon, to Kauai, Hawaii for a trip with my Grandma Sonnie and Noliy, and now it makes an appearance on multiple beaches in Maui, Hawaii. We love the gear (and Christa too!).

Thanks Christa for the awesome snorkel gear. 
 After seeing some tropical fish on a beautiful beach (this time with shade from buildings and palm trees - stolen shade not necessary), we were off to Maui Grown Coffee for some tasting and touring. The coffee farm is about 4 miles away from the coffee store and tasting room, so we stopped by the tasting room first to motivate and caffeinate.

First coffee tasting. Pinkies up! 

Doug, not normally a coffee drinker, tasting coffee. 

Susan and Liz, inspecting the products. 

Much like two dozen donuts/cream puffs was not enough for breakfast (thus the emergency tot job), drinking five samples of coffee was equally inadequate.

Doug, happy camper with his mocha coffee. 

Completely wired, we made our way to the coffee farm.

View of a few rows of coffee trees (vines?), the ocean, the other side of the island, overall awesomeness and beauty, etc.

More coffee rows, plus our clown car. 

Another shot of the farm. 
 Apparantly there is a beetle that is devastating some of the Hawaiian coffee crops. There are signs posted all over the place that if you've been to a Kona coffee farm, you CANNOT get out of your car and walk around due to cross contamination risks.

Susan is a former coffee tour guide from a different island, so she was able to give us a self-guided tour with some fun facts. She showed us some coffee shells and explained how they "bloom" and the two coffee seeds that come out in this particular varietal.

Coffee pods. 

The two beans in one of the pods (you can see pods scattered on the ground below). 

There was a really neat viewing terrace in the middle of the farm, where you could see some stunning views of the ocean, mountain, and the coffee farms. This view was ruined quickly by two drunk idiots on a motorcycle, who decided to ride up in their obnoxious vehicle, where they promptly parked (illegally), and cracked open two Budweisers and lit some cigarettes.

Hawaii's Best! 
After they stumbled up the steps, speaking loudly and arguing to each other and grunting intermittently, Betty decided to ask them to take our picture. Rarely does someone drunk take my picture, so I decided to take the opportunity to capture this special moment with my own camera phone. Surprisingly, he was so flabbergasted by her "point and shoot" camera (which proved to be complicated for him to operate) he didn't notice my photographing him.

Drunk Idiot Smoker, with Betty's camera, praying to the heavens to help him push a fucking button to take a photo. 
For some reason we were all in the mood for some beers after that. We headed straight to Maui Brewing Co.

Sampled to Coconut Porter, Mana Wheat, Lorenzini Double IPA, and the Double Overhead IPA. 

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em for a beer. 

Tanya, Doug, and myself headed back to the same beach afterwards, while Betty, Liz, and Susan went out to track down a Loco Moco (reportedly, it was awesome).

We had, not surprisingly, another amazing sunset under the trees on the beach.

Our evening sunset. 
Of course, we had to get a few cheesy yet classic stereotypical Hawaii Sunset Silhouette poses.

Tanya at sunset. Cute!

Doug at sunset. Sexi!

Met back up with the rest of the gang at Duke's Beach House (they got a great view of the sunset from the bar).

Me and Betty, eavesdropping on some tourists. 

We'd basically been starving ourselves all day, so it was finally time for some sustenance! Hit up the famous Paia Fish Market. It was absolutely delicious.

My fish tacos (mahi-mahi). Bomb. 

Chicken quesadilla for the non-seafood eaters (Tanya and Doug). 

Blackened Mahi-Mahi, excellent. Came with cajun rice (which I thought was mediocre) and home fries/potatoes, which were excellent. 

Ono Burger - didn't get to try it but heard it was good. 

Fish and chips. 

In addition to great food it was also a great place to meet new people :)

Last stop was for gelato at Ono Gelato.

We shared a small Sandy Beach. Small size because we definitely know how to limit ourselves when it comes to food!

Our hunger finally satisfied, we come home for some rest, relaxation, and digestion.

So what about you? Drink any good beer lately? Or, watch anyone drink crappy beer like Budweiser lately while smoking? Still using any of your wedding gifts? Any ideas on cures for cream puff overdoses?


  1. I feel bad that this post has no comments, so I'm adding one to remedy that problem. I still have lots of wedding gifts, including my Circulon pots and pans, which have now lasted over 20 years! I also recently came across the plastic fish-shaped serving dish and plastic cups re-gifted to me by a couple that had gotten married just weeks earlier. Apparently, they didn't like them. Little did they know that mutual friends would unintentionally rat them out.

    1. Well if you'd teach your Dad how to post comments I'd bet I'd have a lot more - so I blame you for the lack of comments I guess.

      Wow, a good testament to the pots and pans. Note to young people: go for the good pots. They last. I still have the All Clad's that my Grandpa Max got me for our wedding - they are awesome. I need photographic evidence of the plastic fish cups. They sound cool.