Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Maui Day 3: Road to Hana

I don't have much to post today, because today we accomplished the complete road to Hana. Thus not too many phone pictures because we covered too much (phone pics = easy blog pics). Highlights were hiking to two waterfalls, seeing my first black sand beach, eating the best banana bread, transitioning from a lush tropical landscape to a desert beach side view, and another amazing sunset.

It's a long driving day with a lot of miles in the car, but you get a beautiful introduction to the Maui landscape and different areas of the island.

Remembered to take a pic as we were driving. Pretend it's not a horrible blurry pic - try to imagine a lush forest.

The road curving around the island is unpaved and makes for a terribly bumpy 5-mile ride. The views are so spectacular you forget about the unpaved road... for about five minutes. Let me remind you of the car we're driving: 

Not the right vehicle for off-roading, apparently. Who knew?!

Luckily the views really do pay off.

Cell phone pic of the side of the island. GORGEOUS.

I think this is a mistake? But I'm not quite sure what it's even a picture of so I'm leaving it in in case someone else can identify it. 

Dark pic, but representative of the road we traveled all day. 

The "Halfway to Hana" banana bread store (they sold other stuff too - no idea what). 

The "best" banana bread. We'll see about that. 

Holy shit. Yes, it's the best. Moist and delicious.

So, what's the best banana bread you've ever had? Does anyone know what that mystery picture is? It could just be an error but you know, maybe it's some ancient side of the road at some awesome beautiful place? Or maybe it's just an accidental shot of the roadside? 


  1. Banana bread always tastes better after a long windy trip in a tiny rental car.

    1. True. Especially true when you are in the back of the rental car. I literally had my head sticking out the window like a dog to get some fresh air and look out at a bigger landscape to avoid car sickness. Which was difficult because let me tell you, this car is SMALL. Have I said that already? :)

  2. Can't believe no one got sick in the car ride. That road is way too curvy! Best banana bread-Jamaican Banana Bread. It has lime and rum in it, so how can you go wrong?

    1. Greetings Laura! I too was surprised, but we had some ginger chews courtesy Betty, which helped, as well as dog imitations (see previous comment above). Jamaican Banana Bread sounds awesome. I'm tentative about the lime, but a rum banana bread? Yes. Please.

  3. That mystery picture captures the signature Maui red dirt, as well as an example of the droppings of the native Hawaiian nene bird.

    1. Thank you. I have called Robert Stack and let him know to cancel our Unsolved Mystery episode - solved by Gumshoe Tanya! Sleep easy tonight friends.