Monday, January 19, 2015

Maui Day 2: So, like, there's beaches here? AND CORN?

After spending too long corralling a large group to leave the house and get to the rental shop for beach essentials, Betty saves the day with a bomb Bahn Mi sandwich from Bahn Me (ha ha). It was absolutely delicious. Strong yellow curry flavor, great meat, soft french bread with a crunchy outside, and good crunchy daikon and carrot slaw. One of the best Bahn Mi I've had - and from a strip mall no less.


Eating always makes me hungry, so after sharing a sandwich we hit up the Shark Pit food truck. 

Shark Pit food truck. 
It has 5 out of 5 stars on Yelp and I'm not sure why. The food was decent, but we all agreed it was short of spectacular. You can bring your own beer, which is a plus. 

Burger. Fine. 

Fish tacos and fried rice. Just ok, and overpriced at $12. 

This is corn with some sort of seaweed flake topping and sauce. It was pretty good, again, a little overpriced. I come from a line of corn farmers and an expert on corn, so my assessments are actually quite valuable, as evidenced by the $20 bill sitting underneath the tacos in the pic above.

This corn was good, but frankly I prefer my corn to have been blessed by Jerky

Spent the day at a beach in Napili. Not too shabby. 

Don't worry. We waited 30 minutes after corn consumption before swimming. 

Snagged some shaved ice and ice cream from Local Boys Shaved Ice in Lahaina. 

Tanya, ready for shaved ice! 
Overwhelmed by all the flavor combinations.
I tasted the shaved ice and it was pretty good. You can see this guy behind Doug, licking his lips and scheming to get a sample of the goods. Probably wanted to try the shaved ice, too. Sorry bro, this one's mine. Keep walking.

Doug excited for shaved ice, and local tourist excited for Doug. 

Doug contemplating the deliciousness. 

Tanya told me that all these trees are actually just one tree - pretty neat.

Local fruit picnic on another grassy beach knoll, only slightly dampened by a huge pointy stick that got jabbed in to my big toe.


Passion Fruit. Looks revolting, tastes amazing. 

Toe injury. No, that black dot is not sand - it's a serious puncture wound.

On the drive home there was an amazing sunset, and whales! It's been years since I've seen whales so it was super cool. Rather than getting amazing shots of the whales and sunset I opted to get a shot of all the tourists, taking shots of whales and sunsets.

Dinner tonight was courtesy Betty, who did the neatest, most beautiful carve job of a Costco rotisserie chicken I've ever seen.

Good times and good people.

So what about you? Toes doing OK? Got a favorite shaved ice flavor? Like talking about corn and corn-related accessories? Every try a fresh passion fruit or coconut? 


  1. You've posed a lot of questions today. Toes: no, my shoes have created a sore spot on my small toe which will necessitate more walking on the beach barefoot. It's a rough life. Shave ice flavor - haven't found diet coke flavor yet so I've settled for root beer with vanilla ice cream at the bottom for a float taste. I feel I gained some corn credibility when I went to Des Moines, spoke at a conference, a received a corn cookbook as a gift. Happy to loan it out. And of course yes to passion fruit and coconut tasting.

    1. Um, why am I just hearing about this corn cookbook now?! Sorry to hear about your toes. Doug cut a toe too. Can we do a Hawaii Toe-0 blog post? I will need photographic evidence. Prepare for toe close-ups.

  2. Loved your comment - "Eating always makes me hungry." Corn with furikake looks yummy - I'll have to try that. My favorite shaved ice flavor is vanilla. But it has to be blue, or it doesn't taste as good. Glad you got to see the huge banyan tree (yes, it really is one tree!). The beach looks great. You're missing major fog here. Enjoy the whales and the tourists!

    1. Blue vanilla! Haven't seen that one yet. Yum. Banyan Trees - freaky! But neat.

      I actually love fog - reminds me of MY home in Lompoc. Fog almost year round.