Wednesday, January 22, 2014

San Francisco Day 3: Bike the Bridge, Sausalito, Buena Vista and Bi-Rite.

This day was originally supposed to start with breakfast at Mama's. After the shock of the wait time w/ dinner last time wore off, we investigated Yelp. Since 1.5-2 hour waits on weekdays appear to be somewhat normal, we bailed, because we had a 10 AM appointment to trek up extraneously steep hills on heavy rented bikes. I <3 Vacations! Maybe next time, Mama.

Had a guided bike tour over the Golden Gate Bridge down over to Sausalito.

Still feeling fresh after 5 minutes of biking!

Mental preparation to bike over that bridge. 

"I do my best thinkin on the bridge"
"I do my best posing on the bridge."

Looking straight down at a drop that will kill you. 

There were several highlights of the bike tour (it was guided on the way to Sausalito, unguided back), but maybe the best part was some British guy in our tour group who was woefully unprepared to bike, let alone take a brisk stroll.

A tweed jacket and pressed slacks with loafers? Seriously?

After the trek over the bridge we grabbed some lunch at the Napa Valley Burger Company. They have wine on tap (we didn't order any wine, but I thought that was kind of cool). And we proceeded to have a surprisingly bomb lunch. I think I though the food in Saus-town would be lame, since we were in a super touristy area and it was reminding me of... I don't know, a small town that wouldn't have good food. And maybe it is? But this place was killer.

Warm day in the bay area - so we took advantage of the outdoor seating. 

Waffle Nacho Fries ($12)
Waffle fries with shredded cheese, chopped bacon, guacamole, sour cream and jalepenos. The bacon was cut super thick, the guacamole was really good (had some black beans and corn in it), the portion was enourmous and we ate way too much of it. [Gena Love, they had cheesy tator tots but we couldn't pass these bad boys up].

Artery clogging heaven! Notice my finger on the left corner, barely able to
restrain from grabbing a waffle before the picture had been taken. 

The first of many bites I came to regret. 

Pedestrians like her made me nervous when they looked at our plate longingly...

Stinson Beach BBQ Burger ($15)
Smoked gouda, maple butter, applewood bacon, crispy onion ring, bourbon BBQ sauce. Burger was cooked well and tasted delicous. Was it better than Burgers and Brew or Broderick Burger in Sacramento? No, but it was still pretty damn good. Coulda had more sauce and the cheese could have actually been melted, but there really isn't much to complain about.

I didn't bother with the salad. 

Service at this place was stellar. Check it out next time you're in the Sausalito neighborhood. Not like you will be. But you know, if you bike the bridge and are deliriously hungry afterwards, and then decide to bike back instead of taking the wuss ferry back to SF, it's a good call.

The Saus-a-lites are a simple, humble folk, as demonstrated by these beautiful houses...

Some of which include their own private gondola.*

The bike ride back was super strenuous. You have to hike back UP the Sausalito hill which was super hard - and back over the bridge (not so hard, it's mostly flat). I immediately regretted our beautiful, long, romantic 45 minute stroll along the ocean after lunch because my legs were dying a slow, painful death on the ride back.

There was a TV commercial being shot all day - we saw it both on the way over and on the way back. Stay tuned for my cameo in "Archetypes of San Francisco: The Commercials". They had hippies, uber athletic, uber rich, pregnant mom, children, etc. all at different picnic tables.

After returning we got the standard "Wow - you biked all the way back - you're badasses!" from the staff at Blazing Saddles. Then they kept trying to push us to buy $2.50 bottles of water - wtf? No. Then the guy who took our bikes to the back said we "looked" like we had just biked back over the bridge. Wait, you mean we don't look like Brad and Angelina stepping down after all that sweating in the wind?!

After dropping off the bikes we went to the Buena Vista Cafe, because our Segway tour guide proclaimed they had "the best Irish Coffee's in SF". I'm not a huge fan of Irish Coffees, and it's not like they're hard to make or anything, but all that talk about bottled water had gotten me really thirsty (and in retrospect, 16+ mile of biking up hills and 4 trillion mg's of salt at lunch was probably catching up with us?). What better way to hydrate than with coffee and whisky!

I guess the Irish Coffee was recreated here, according to their menu. It's also on their website, so I guess it must be true.

Quenching thirst after physical activity. 

The guy behind the bar was a badass. He would make eight of these at once in about 45 seconds. Very splashy but impressive nonetheless.

The bus ride back was again entertaining. Crazy man was physically assaulting two teenage girls who walked past him - elbowing one several times on purpose when she had the audacity to sit next to him, and another who's foot he stomped on (yes, stomp) twice because she was.. standing on the bus? Details were unclear. I had a mental route mapped of how I would stomp on his foot when I exited (much to Doug's displeasure - he says I was being "confrontational" - I call it unnecessary aggression, but whatever - we're just arguing semantics here). Alas he exited a few stops before me so his foot was saved. (Is this a tragic or happy ending to the bus ride?).

Skipped dinner (hello). Ended the day by finally trying out Bi-Rite. Worth it.

Salted caramel, and some sort of vanilla brittle peanut butter scoop.

*Sausalito is obviously an incredibly wealthy town, but it really was lovely - great for a day trip.

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