Monday, January 20, 2014

San Francisco, Day 1: A great place for losers...

Day 1 of our San Francisco Vacation!... started off with the Niners losing. Sad... for Niners fans. Especially Doug, and more especially for Lloyd.

We watched the entire game (no DVR or TiVo, first time watching an NFL game WITH ALL THE COMMERCIALS, like maybe ever?) at Social Kitchen with a coworker and his crew. We managed not to discuss the upcoming September layoffs (to each other, anyway), so even though the Niner's lost I'm considering the day a win!

Social Kitchen is good. Strong drinks, good/ and unique beers, delicious food. Brussels sprout chips, vegan chili, fried chicken all were/looked good. Little something for everyone.

Leading up to the shit loss was a good day, though! Homemade sourdough pancakes at home, Sacramento Farmers Market to stock up on produce for the week, and a nice drive to San Francisco. 

We are in a state of emergency here in California, a drought just declared by Governor Brown. Which I'm choosing to ignore, because it means that NorCal is 70 degrees in JANUARY! Awesome, very beautiful day. Also awesomely polluted in San Francisco, too - the haze driving in was unpleasant. But that's OK - while stuck on the 101 waiting to exit we got to stare at this mural, pretending pollution didn't exist and that there was a place for all our storage needs should we ever need it: 

We are staying in the Haight - Ashbury area, I think? but definitely the Panhandle District, of SF. 

A local business at the corner of Haight and Ashbury! Just kidding, it's a Ben & Jerry's. Unspecial, but not unloved. 

I'm getting mixed reviews that this is a "great, centrally located neighborhood" vs. "you're staying in the fucking ghettto". I've deiced to go with the former, and realized that people who gave input similar to the latter have probably never been to "the ghetto" or a "low income neighborhood" or any of the "other" words we use to describe neighborhoods we don't live in (Detroit? Oakland? South Natomas? they all probably look like the ghetto from the windows of the Google Bus). Anyway our studio is super cute! You can see pictures and details here - it's the yellow house on the left. Loving it!

Of course, the risk with any VRBO or AirBNB rental is that they're owner-run and sometimes things don't go smoothly. Like when you walk in to a dirty apartment you're renting for the next four days: 

A pile of dirty dish towels on the counter. Charming!

Wet towels hanging on the bathroom door. Kitschy!

An unmade bed with dirty sheets. Classic San Francisco hospitality!

Owners called, complaint filed via email and voicemail and over the phone. We'll see how generous "Dr. L" is in making up for us having to go grab clean sheets and towels from the laundry room. She's a doctor so I'm sure she understands the importance of sanitation. I'm assured that there was, indeed, a mix up, they are very sorry, and their housekeeper will be arriving tomorrow. In the mean time, I washed the comforter in scalding hot water and had dreams of a potential freebie night because of the mix-up in cleaning schedules. To Be Continued...

Anyway we ended up snagging a coffee (nonfat latte for me) and a sugar bomb (caramel coffee shake espresso concoction for Doug) at a coffee shop on Haight street before the game. 

Just a few sips in and already getting an eye twitch!

Coffee comes complete with a Lyft advertisement on the paper cup holder. 

If there's one things San Franciscan's like, it's having people from Sacramento bring their OWN hometown paper in to the local coffee shops.

On our way to Social Kitchen for the game we took a walk though Panhandle Park. It was beautiful, and had lots of ghetto San Francisco-esque moments: about a hundred people throwing the football in anticipation of the game, a set of young people cornholing, a separate group of young people gathered... in protest? in boredom? and your standard homeless friends. Doug and I made the brave decision to use the public restroom and independently determined someone was reading the paper in the adjacent stall. Whether it was the SF Chronicle or the Sacramento Bee, I'm not sure...

Panhandle Park - really pretty. Beauty heightened by presence of handsome husband. 

We also got to check out the original Niner stadium on the walk over - Kezar Stadium. (I think we secretly hoped stopping by would be good luck...)

[Oh, special shout-out to Suzanne M, thanks for the wine! We decided to save a gift from one of our favorite former San Franciscans for our SF trip. It was excellent! We def have plans to check out Carvalho Winery as a result.]

Thanks Suzanne!

So what about you? Still reeling from the Niner loss? Slept in any dirty apartments lately? Think that a neighborhood where homes are selling for 1.7 million dollars constitutes a "bad area"? Have you been to Bi-Rite Creamery yet? Because it's right around the corner and we couldn't make it there last night before it closed and it sounds awesome. 

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  1. I'm happy that you stayed in a historically significant-not ghetto-area of San Francisco. How appropriate that you visited Kezar before the game. Nothing like watching the game in the town of one of teams - except when they lose. At least at a bar you can commiserate together in sadness.

    So glad you liked the wine! They have a wine club event coming up soon, if you want to go with me. ;)