Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I eat boiled cabbage, then someone verbally assaults me on the sidewalk. [Part 1]

Checked out Piedmont Park today. It was stunning, and enormous. Lots of people running and jogging around the park, along with huge outdoor fields and a lake.


Doug was pretty concerned with all the wild mushrooms and squished bugs. We had to pause and photograph said 'shrooms and bugs. 

Spotting, and subsequently photographing, a dead bug. 

Said dead bug. 

Mushroom patch discovery and documentation. 

Said mushroom patch. 

Mushroom forest. The saga continues. 
Piedmont Park also had the best graffiti ever. I've seen walls, sidewalks, benches, even fences being tagged up - but the ACTUAL PLANTS? 

I think... this is a rendition of an electrical outlet? Signed by Georgia Juliana?

On our way back, there was a restaurant having an event with the best entrance of all time, ever. There was a full band playing and cheerleaders cheering when you entered in to the restaurant. It looked like a special event (everyone entering had name badges) otherwise I totally would have been there. Assuming it was a Coke Zero event since there was a big ass CZ bus and matching attire by the band/cheerleaders.

We also saw Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffle House. 

I totally wanted to go eat there, but there were too many rules.

There was also this place. Doug captured the spirit of their logo perfectly. 

In the end we went with the original recommendation from Shalya's husband for some Southern food. Our stop was Mary Mac’s Tea Room. I don’t know why it was called a tea room. It was in an old home, so maybe it used to be a tea room? I would have expected floral wallpaper and pink carpet if that were the case. At any rate it’s a southern restaurant now. It was a toss up between this place and South City Kitchen. Since SCK was a more “upscale” and new-age southern restaurant we decided to go withMary Mac’s – cheaper and more traditional southern-y. Not like we'd be able to tell, but you know ;)

They start you out with this bread basket. We could have eaten just this and left happy. The cornbread was forgettable (what is up with the bland Southern cornbread? We have been striking out at every restaurant – Doug’s buttermilk cornbread is way better), but the sweet croissant rolls were delicious and the cinnamon rolls were out. of. bounds. They were literally heavy when you picked them up (probably with butter) and were devine. Our serve said they were one of their most popular items and that you could order a dozen for $4. Too dangerous if you ask me – those suckers would be gone before we were back at the hotel.

I ordered a peach martini, because the one at Juke Joint was WAY too sweet and disappointing. This one was perfect – all booze (vodka and peach schnapps) with just a touch of grenadine and some sweet Georgia peach slices. Doug ordered a mint julep, because it seemed like a very southern type drink to consume on a hot humid day.

Doug got the fried chicken (again), along with potato pancakes, spiced apple sauce and cheese grits. I'm not a fan of grits. I got the tilapia with boiled cabbage (don’t hate on that cabbage, it was delicious) and a squash soufflĂ©. I was trying to eat a bit lighter today since I knew we’d be hitting the dinner seriously the next few days, and the squash soufflĂ© was a failed attempt at a healthy/lighter dish. The cream base and breadcrumb crust was accompanied by a few squash buried deep.

For dessert Doug got the peach cobbler, which he ranked as a disappointment (there was apparently nothing cobble-y about it – no crumble, no serious crust, etc.).

Full and happy, there was no better end to a beautiful walk in the city and park, as well as a delicious meal, than to be verbally assaulted by a man on Peachtree Street. Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow! 


  1. Tanya, what the hell - no comment?!

  2. I think you need to take this up with blogspot because I received email notification about this post at 9:09 pm on 8/28. That is not very timely.
    Ok, now for my comments: First, I hope you noticed that the ENTIRE YEAR of 2014 will be powered by Coke. Please remember this come January 1. Second, I will now be expecting buttermilk cornbread with my pulled pork. Third, please thank Doug for the reminder of why I never want to live in the South. That bug looked like an invading alien from a sci-if movie (obviously with the Earthlings victorious).

    1. I'm so delinquent on my response but it's cool because BOOM TANYA'S HAD DOUG'S BUTTERMILK CORNBREAD - and loved it, or loved it a lot, since it was in Lompoc? Future blog post! Sweet.

    2. I'm so delinquent on my response but it's cool because BOOM TANYA'S HAD DOUG'S BUTTERMILK CORNBREAD - and loved it, or loved it a lot, since it was in Lompoc? Future blog post! Sweet.