Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'm blogging from a phone and it bites

The blogger app sucks. Gt raedy four type eos.


  1. Last thing, and then I am going to bed. I wanted to share this from first paragraph on the homepage of "A slender stalk of sweet corn has been Hoopeston’s backbone for more than a century, from the canning industries which spurred the city’s growth, to its school mascot, the internationally-known Cornjerker..."
    There is an infamous cornjerking mascot? I have a new request for you and it involves the internationally-known Cornjerker mascot. I'm going to need a whole lot of clarification.
    Come home now,
    Big Head

    1. Per your request, I have devoted the majority of the next post to the internationally known corn jerker, known locally as, simply, "Jerky". Enjoy. Preferably over a plate of fresh jerked corn.

  2. I believe they told you what you need to know: a "slender stalk"