Saturday, September 22, 2012

West Ham v Sunderland; Cezanne

Had a 'traditional' English breakfast today, which consisted of eggs, dry toast, bacon (more of a thin slice of ham than the bacon we are used to), baked beans and a sausage. Threw in an almond croissant to get the old heart pumping.

Checked out the National Portrait Museum. Huge, good art, pretty standard museum. Religion is the focus foe the early stuff of course, they had several from the 1300-1400's. The most interesting pieces for me and Doug was this set of six pictures by William Hogarth, called Marriage a La Mode. Check out the story here:

Here are some of the more famous (mostly impressionist) paintings we saw today:
van Gogh's Sunflowers, Wheatgrass and Cypress, Chair, and  Two Crabs (not the most popular but I like that one):

Monet's Water Lilies in the Setting Sun and Irises:

Renoir's the Skiff:

There was also this cool peep show box by Samuel van Hoogstraten, which was a box painted to look 3d when you looked through one of the peep holes.

Afternoon spent gong to an English Premiere League soccer (futbol) match. It was incredible. The sporting events in america have a much, much different vibe. This this match had lots of singing, chanting and clapping the entire time. Of course we couldn't understand a damn word, except for "the referee's a wanker!" and "hey keeper, you're shit!". Yes, apparently they actually do use the word 'wanker'. The stadium was absolutely packed. They separate the fans cheering for the other team and keep them away from the home team fans. An Asian guy sitting next to us when was wearing a Manchester United sweat shirt was forced to take it off (and it was cold). They are serious about this shit.

We were there super early, by the time the game started the stadium was packed. Sold out.

Sea of West Ham fans entering the stadium

Thai food for dinner. Good.

Oh, one interesting thing about London is that there are almost no public water fountains or trash cans, and I have yet to see a public restroom with paper towels. They all have these super high powered hand dryers - everywhere - museums, restaurants, the soccer stadium. Except one place had one of those rotating towels. Total germ pit, gross. Anyway seems pretty low-waste so I'm diggin it.

These photo booths are nearly obsolete. You can only use credit cards and the insides are full of ads for hookers and blow. Urine and litter too. Total term pit, gross.

Doug actually had to use one of these since we have no cell phones


  1. I hope you tools everyone at the game that it's supposed to be called soccer. I've heard Europeans love that. I'm very jealous about seeing the match. (Not just because I needed to practice my use of the word wanker.)
    Can you please photograph an add for blow if at all possible?

  2. Sorry, this request came too late, there are no ads for blow in Paris (yet...).

    Too funny :-)