Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Plane

Today we traveled. Drove to Doug's parents house. His mom managed to get us to arrive FIVE HOURS BEFORE THE FLIGHT by bribing us with lunch (lunch was bomb, egg bacon tomato cheese lettuce Sierra Nevada mustard sandwich).

The stress of leaving for the airport was evident. Seeing as how a few people in our party felt that leaving our luggage in the house while we waited for our ride to the airport was insufficient, we needed to park the bags in the driveway behind the cars :-) when our ride showed up our driver took off with Doug still climbing in to the car and almost ran him over. We were off to a great start!

After being quizzed several times by the security checkpoint guard about my passport details and having my name called over the PA system to come check in again at the terminal for another passport inspection ( seeing a 30 year old woman with french braids apparently screams "terrorist") we boarded. Doug and I were instantly amused by all the British accents. Our pilots name was even Nigel. You cannot get anymore British than that. We flew British airways and loved it. Your own TV screen, tons of free movies, and the food was actually really good. I choose two awful moves. Bummer. But they serve you wine with dinner, so the moves ended up being a blur anyway, and of course tea or coffee is served post dinner. The Brit sitting next to me got tea of course. There was a guy sitting in front if us that had he nastiest dandruff ever. It looked like someone threw some Parmesan cheese on his shirt and it was nauseating. I tried to take a pic but couldn't figure out how to do it discretely. Decided to just be thankful I wasn't sitting next to him.
Nigel, the Dad from Austin Powers.

Nigel from Family Guy.
Plane food and wine. Not bad!

View from London eye

Big Ben, Parliament

so bossy!
Was glad I had Kiersten's backpack, the streets were crowded and it made the short walk to our hotel easier. We are staying at the London school of economics. Our room is cheap, tiny and in the heart of central London. Feeling sleep deprived, I requested that were go to lunch somewhere with good coffee... So we went to a pub. Got a potato jacket with beans and cheese. Doug got a sausage sandwich, which was weird, it was just sausage and white bread, no condiments on the table or in the sandwich. Picked up some coffee after at a little cafe stand he asked if I wanted the coffee 'white'. I asked what that meant and he said 'whatever you want'. Maybe this is special coffee for white girls with American accents? I think it was espresso with milk.
Suspension system for eye. Thought dad would like this.
Saw big Ben, Parliament, and rode the London eye.


  1. This coffee labeling only confirms my discovery at the White Party-- most Americans associate the color white with people and nothing else. It sounds very confusing (and probably racist).

  2. Jason still remembers flying home from Europe next to a stinky guy in a wool sweater. He spent the whole flight wondering whether it would be better id the guy took off the sweater to help with the profuse sweating or keep it on the prevent further stank seepage.

  3. Omg. I would have feigned illness and switched seats immediately. Also, who wears wool indoors? Gross.

  4. Also, I want to be your date at the next White Party. Assuming they will allow more than just one white person in attendance of course, I know we wash it out a bit...

  5. Situation abnormal; RE: neighbor's flagpole vis-a-vis binoculars.

  6. Dad, stop spying on the neighbors with your telescope and binoculars. Just go go talk to him and tell him the flag banging bothers you.