Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Louvre: spectacular, yet unwieldy and agoraphobic

Today we raced off to the Louvre and arrived about five minutes after they opened. We bee lined for the Mona Lisa. It. Was. Amazing. A few people told me I would be disappointed when I saw the painting. They were all wrong. It was breathtaking.
The Louvre itself, however, was another story. I'm so glad we arrived there early, because about an hour and a half after the opening the place was a total clusterfuck. Thousands of people, there were major crowds, it was funky and hot in a few of the halls, and honestly kind of unpleasant. We made the most of our approx 3 hours there, though, so I wasn't mad about it or anything. We saw Venus de Milo, Nike, lots of Egyptian tombs, and some quality stuff. The place is like Disneyland, though, and I think I prefer a museum you can actually accomplish in a day. Anyway, something to check off the bucket list.

Mona Lisa crowd right after we saw her
Bunch of sphinx.

Venus de Milo

Mary Magdalene. 


Mona Lisa crowd on our way out.

Afterwards we went to a sidewalk cafe and had the most bomb lunch of all time. I am going to be in big trouble with these cheese sandwiches.
This was awesome.

Lunch action shot. Lamb.

Hit up another museum, the Pompidou, which was modern art. Lots of Picasso, Kandinsky, Matisse, little Dali, and of course all the super weird shit that accommodates any modern museum.
Back home early where we read, relaxed, watched some rain come down, and read. Dinner with the in laws, and the food was just OK. I ate a raw pile of ground beef with capers, so that was a first, and some free onion soup, which was good but validated Doug and I because we think ours is better :-)

Little pastries from a local bakery again and some wine from the wine shop downstairs from the apt. Good. 


  1. No no, the Louvre can't be relegated to bucket-list-status! Have you ever inadvertantly bumped into a Sphinx and rebroken its nose? Or thanked people from war-trodden countries for having donated so many items to this musuem via Napoleon's exploits?

    Enjoy Pair-ee!

  2. Steven, the Louvre has been checked off. Accept this victory. Speaking of victories, Napoleon was an asshole, but my grandmother has encouraged me to visit his grave because its supposed to be quite interesting. I'll considered spitting on it. I'm sure no me around here will take issue. They may even applaud me!