Saturday, September 29, 2012

Parting: Not much sweet, plenty of sorrow (guest post by Doug!)

Guest post number 1, and it comes at a time already 10 days into the trip (11 if you count the first travel day, which was basically a fog of jet lag). This morning my parents left to continue their journey to Rome, which should be lovely. My mom informed me that the weather will be warm; the mid to upper 80s. That sounds great, and a decent contrast from the mid 60s here in Paris, of even colder in London.
I can't help but feel sad as our travel companions bid us adieu after having shared with us this European trip so far. The portrait museum, the Museé d'Orsay, meat pies, an occasional pint, and nightly wine with recaps of the preceding day's events.

To be in Paris (and soon Zweibrücken), and having spent time in London with my wife, the usual author of this trip blog, has been a dream come true of course, and I look forward to continued days of exploration and relaxation.

Being in a reflective mood while still in the middle of the trip...I'm partially convinced that the city of Paris has something to do with it, especially considering all the renowned artists who have called this place their home.
Onward with the relaxation and exploration. Today, I think I'll get a cappuccino. That should whip me back in to shape.

Continuing now after dessert, cheese, wine, bread, and dessert, in that order. I've had a bit of time to collect my thoughts and today was spent doing wonderfully relaxing things such as walking too far in my "nice" shoes and socks, giving myself two bloody blisters. Awesome! To be fair, I did gaze upon Napoleon's tomb today, which was certainly worth the blisters. Just imagine it, standing there, witness to the tomb of the person that gave us the term "Napoleon complex." The tomb, in that regard, did not disappoint. Coffins within coffins, like those stacking Russian dolls, immense in size, and I think no less than 42 holy and prominent historical figures in statue form looking on. Just how I'll be entombed as well I'm sure.

Judging how I look in this picture, I might as well be in a tomb!

So how about some shopping? We've got that covered. The Macy's-like department store was cool, but too much perfume in the first 6 floors. Right, there were only 6 floors in the place.

Not sure if this is runway ready.

Moving on, dinner beckoned. What should we have tonight? The same thing we have every night (insert Pinky and the Brain picture here), bread, wine, cheese, and pastries from the local patisserie. Cheese from the stink shop across the way...check! Wine from the guy who now I'm good friends with...check! Bread from the same woman who still doesn't understand that I don't speak french, so telling me the price very quickly in french language with french numbers isn't going to work...check! Desserts from...well, Becky got dessert. Nice, some cheesecake. Not enough cheese already?

What are we going to eat tonight, Becky?

Now that I've begun to ramble stream-of-conscience Jack Kerouac style, it's time to put down the tablet. Good timing. I'm not sure I'm cut out for the blogging world.


  1. Wonderful guest post, Doug. The Pinky and the Brain reference: brilliant. I think having you stand in front of Napoleon's itty bitty tomb dots nothing for his Napoleon Complex. Good he's dead.
    Please assure Becky I possess neither the balls nor the intellect to touch her formulas. I'm guessing she knows I was lying. Who are we kidding? It's probably password-protected. :)
    Wishing you both continued delight on your vacation. -big head

    1. Becky here. Totally thought you were serious about the spreadsheet thing. You totally got me :-)

  2. Okay, which one is Pinky, and which is the Brain? It works no matter who's who. Lol!

    Great fun reading both your posts. Don't worry about big head and your spreadsheets - we're still getting over the trauma of the coffeepot, much less trying to touch formulas! And day old coffee is actually good for iced coffee. Thanks to our handy dandy thermal pot, it never tastes burnt.

    1. Hmm. I 'd have to go with Doug as the Brain and me as Pinky... although I am more evil than Doug and Brain was pretty evil... so it's a toss up ;)

      As someone with no children or pets, just a small number (of very self sufficient) succulent plants to worry about not killing, the coffee pot is like my firstborn child. I can't wait to hear how the babysitting went ;)