Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Napoleon Complex. Also, an Ode to the Fromage Shop

Doug's guest blog post is so nice and sweet. Makes me seem like a mean girl, which is a bummer because that was the last good thing to happen to Lindsey Lohan. So I'll stick to doing what I do best: narcissism and sarcasm.

Lots of window shopping today. I wanted to buy this dress but could not think of a single place or event to wear it. 

Paris is bustling on Friday night and all day Saturday(night). Tons of people out and about on the street we are staying on, eating, shopping, browsing. Its a neat scene.

The sidewalk cafe across the street, view from our window.

Me posing out our window for Doug's dad. Totally not looking like a tourist.
Once again we stuffed ourselves today. Had brunch, which was just OK. We had a hard time ordering since our server didn't speak English. The pre fixe brunch seemed safe, but we had to make all these choices. I pointed to a glass of citron as my juice choice, which ended up actually being a glass of straight lemon juice. It gave me shivers.

I had mine sans syrup, since I haven't seen any maple trees in France.

Our breakfasts. Just OK, not great.
Walked along the river Siene again, checking out the little pop up shops.

Next was Napoleon, who had a total ego trip, BTW. His tomb was ridiculous. It was adjacent to a armory museum so we checked it out too. And check it out, I'm not in he exact same air of jeans I've been wearing every damn day of this trip!
I'm in the mood for some minesweeper.

Over a hundred military uniforms on display, including a full Nazi uniform... it was eerie and we could not bring ourselves to take a picture of it. I could, however, bring myself to take a picture next to a canteen woman, in uniform no less.

I guess women were shorter in the late 1800s. And eager.

There also just so happened to be a bunch of French soldiers at the museum at the same time. Sexy! Oh excuse me, I mean, le sexy!

Now I'm going to post a bunch of pictures of the cheese shop we've been raving about (and visited again today). I had to sneak take them when the owner wasn't looking, didn't want to come off as a weirdo rude American or anything :-)

Doug was scared of these moldy ones on the left, so of course I grabbed one.

Final selections at how. Made some tough calls.

Le dinner.

Our dessert was a small piece of each of these little pies

and whatever this thing was.

It was the most delicious dessert I've had here, almost like a cross between a doughnut and a croissant with powdered sugar. I intended to save half for tomorrow, which failed to happen.

This blog has pretty much become a documentary of me and Doug: Becoming Fatasses in France. For my own sake when I look back on this trip (especially during all the house I'm going to have to put in at the gym) I'll try to post pictures of something other than food tomorrow!


  1. Becky-I think that last dessert might be a kouign annan. It's a brettonese dessert.

  2. awesome. thanks em! they were delicious.