Thursday, September 27, 2012

Marmonte and van Gogh's house

Today was a lazy day. Went across the street and had a cappuccino at the sidewalk cafe by myself and read for a bit. Doug missed me so he came down to retrieve me after about a half hour. Bought two teeny pastry doughnut things and a quiche Lorraine for later at a patisserie across the street.

The four of us left for the marmonte area around noon. It was beautiful, and less crowded than Paris. We checked out a church that was 1000 years old, the church was cool (they all are), but the best part was the view it provided of the city! Cell pics don't do it justice. 

There were also a lot of street entertainers. I gave some change to one who was dressed up as church ghost (or something) so I could take a picture. As any good street bum would do, he told me I was beautiful and invited me up for a shot (which I did, handing a slightly perturbed Doug the camera). Jumping off the ledge was apparently impressive because I got an "I love you, sporty lady" in broken English. Men: take a lesson from potentially homeless street entertainers on how to impress chicks. I was swooning at this point! :|

Anyway, we walked around and enjoyed the scenery.

I love this picture... I don't think Doug knows I took it.

 Saw the Moulin Rouge, which was kind of lame:

but it was OK because it was near this really beautiful cemetery.

In laws got some Lebanese food (I got some sweets, really good), and later my three companions got a beer and I got a cappuccino. The service was terrible of course (I'm noticing a pattern of when I get terrible service...) and my cap had a milk box cap in it. I decided it is not OK to receive a drink with garbage in it, even in France,so I took it up to exchange it. The Batista tried to just scoop it out and give it back. No. I am making a point. New drink, asshole. They probably spit in it but I felt satisfied with my victory.

Checked out van Gogh's apartment. Cool.

Had wine, cheese, fresh bread and some little leftover pastries from yesterday for dinner (again), then Doug and I walked the streets of downtown Paris for about an hour and a half. Great people watching. Tons of people wandering the streets, sitting and playing music in the courtyard of the Pompidou, eating/drinking/smoking at crowded sidewalk cafes, milling around town. It was very stereotypical Paris. Doug got a fresh crepe from a street vendor which was delicious.

In all the shops or restaurants or streets I cruise the people here will speak to me in French, and continue to do so until I actually need something and very politely inform them I cannot speak french (Je suis désolé, je ne parle pas français) (ps thank you Google translate). Usually folks are pretty polite after that. So the point is I'm pretty proud I don't stick out like some jackass tourist and that most are mistaking me for a local (until I actually have to string together more then three words outside of the ten I know... then jackass comes out, no doubt). Basically, after greeting someone I do the smile and nod bit until it becomes necessary to talk. Pretty slick I know :-) but I'm definitely gaining empathy for people who immigrate to other countries without knowing the language.


  1. Okay. Glad you are enjoying your time. We need you to come back. Coffee Squad is in utter chaos and there are all these contracts to deal with. Sounds like you've had your European experience: Americans are ignorant, people are generally nice... Germany will be much the same. Just more fashion victims. Seriously, Heidi Klum left for a reason. In short, your talents are required back here. Please come home.

  2. France sounds lovely, including the street performers! It's crazy here-you made the right decision to leave before the end of the fiscal year. I'm going to do that every year from now on.

    Don't listen to "big head". Coffee Squad is doing fine. We both agree that day old coffee isn't so bad. Not that the coffee pot isn't getting washed! Just maybe not as often. It took me a while to put it back together again after washing it -with my new sponge- but it still works.

    So enjoy your European vacation, and keep blogging! It's the highlight of my day.

  3. Suzanne is right. Just wanted you to feel needed.

  4. Oh god. I'm getting stressed about work now. Not the actual year end workload of course, but my beloved coffee maker. I hope she's OK! Thank yo Suzanne for ensuring proper care. No more day old coffee please. That's gross, plus if we wanted that we'd just join in on the black coffee pot to the right :-)

    Aso don't worry, I've been photographing fashion victims incognito, think I will devote a post to it later :-)