Thursday, September 20, 2012

Go to Europe, a**holes! --Doug's dad

Ha! The title was Doug's dad's response to a political conversation we were having . Too funny. His dad has also taken to hitting me in the head affectionately with his hand and rolled up magazines. Today was fun but man, jet lag is a bitch. Felt like an old lady requesting to take a nap at noon.

The subways are really nice here, there is a train every 3-5 minutes so you're never sitting around in a dank underground subway with folks who dont wear deoderent for long.

Doug and his dad on the tube (subway)

Also, the internet at our hotel sucks and I can't get pics from our awesome we camera on to the tablet so for the time being this blog is regulated to cell phone pics.

Today we went to the British museum and saw lots of mummies, tombs, old Rome and Greece statues, standard museum stuff. Saw the rossetta stone, it was by far the most popular exhibit at the place and had a constant crowd of photogs around it. 

This giant horse head at was important to British history
The museum also had a section on money, which gave me a nostalgic feeling for the money belt advice back home in America.

Hey Asbury, I think I found your next money belt! 

Had breakfast at a little restaurant around the corner from the hotel, Machiavelli's. The portions here (so far) are way smaller than in america. Full but not completely stuffed, what a concept. I'm still having a hard time ordering coffee. Do they have regular coffee here or is it all just espresso? Ordering an americano black is a giant cup of espresso I've learned, white is with a small shot of milk. Maybe I'll stick to lattes? Although drinking straight espresso makes me feel like can leap over Westminster with a few running steps.

Went to Greenwich today and saw the prime meridian. Straddled the eastern and western hemispheres. Bitchin.
Doug in both the Eastern and Western hemispheres of the world.

Checked out this enormous department store called Harrods. Then went to Top Shop!!! it was difficult to find for me and Doug; London isn't really on a grid so its hard to navigate at times. My coworker Jitendar told me that London has the best Indian food :) the restaurant we chose held up to the promise, and since the inlaws don't eat it often I got to order for the entire table - score.

Restaurant culture is different in London. They don't refill water glasses, instead they bring you a carafe and two tiny glasses. You have to ask for your check, which led to a lot of post meal lingering until we figured that one out... as well as several incorrect assumptions as to how shitty the service was :) they also never take your credit card away from the table. Everyone has these portable credit machines and they swipe your card and print your receipt right there at the table. There is also nowhere to put in a tip; sometimes it is already added in (around 10-12%) or we just write it in somewhere in the receipt.

 One other cool thing is that there are a ton of bikes for public use. Actually see quite a few of these being used, one of these racks was empty on our way back.


  1. I love, love the blog, so keep it coming! Looks like you are all having a great time. Becky, I hope you are satisfied with your wardrobe selection (post 1) now that you are actually in Europe. Perhaps you can address this issue in a future entry. XOX Mom

  2. Again, is it so hard to say "with milk"? Getting coffee in London sounds like ordering at In n Out. Maybe you can ask for your coffee "animal style".
    Tell Doug's dad that the way he holds his backpack makes me want to mug him. Then hit him in the head. :)

  3. Thanks Mom! A reader request post - I will oblige! Stay tuned :-)

  4. Coffee animal style, that is really really funny :-) also Doug had just discovered* my blog and just asked out loud 'who is this big head chick?'. Took me a minute :-)

    *"discovered" = has been listening to me talk about it, watch me post each nite, receive an mail invite from me with the link, then make a vague claim hat I have been keeping the blog a secret from him.

  5. Wow. By that definition, Jason is fucking Ferdinand Magellan. :) Asbury's wife had the baby yesterday.