Sunday, September 30, 2012

Failed attempts to see dead people

Today was a lazy Sunday morning. We took off walking to go check out the Catacombs (sp?), which basically is a large underground area where there are hundreds of dead bodies/bones. I guess someone concerned about hygiene decided to vacate a burial area and throw all the bodies underground. They details are sketchy to me, but no matter, when we got there they were closed. Ventilation problems I guess. We weren't too bummed though because there were a lot of festivities we got to see on the walk.
Did I say I was going to cease food posts? I lied. We had lunch at a sidewalk café again. 

Doug got bouf bogouinon (sp?), which is like a beef stew, really similar to pot roast. 

I got a cheese sandwich, duh.

Is this sandwich shot delectable or disgusting? YOU decide!

Doug also got some tea. This is how I want all tea served to me from here on out.

Pinky's up!
We walked through Luxembourg Park. It was a beautiful park. There were a ton of people out sunning, napping, and picnicking (lots of bottles of wine spotted). Dreamy. 

There was a band playing inside the park, and a dueling band right outside the gates of the park. The in-park band was annoyed I think.

In the center of the park was a big pond with little sailboats. Thee were sticks so when a boat got pushed near the edge you could send it back out.

All around Paris there were a ton of street entertainers out.
And there was this band playing on a moving truck.

No idea what the fuck they were singing, but they had a pretty big hipster crowd following the truck. Does that mean they sucked or were underground awesome? YOU decide!
Paris kind of shuts down on Sundays. Pretty much every single store, and about half of the restaurants and shops are closed on Sundays. Even the big department store was closed. On all other nights everything but restaurants and cafés close at 7pm. It's definitely a different consumer culture here.

Piano in the middle of the street seems practical. Street jazz band, singing included.
This lego-esque Oscar the Grouch was funny.

It was our last day in Paris. So in addition to feeling wistful about our time here, I had to tolerate Doug stressing out about our travel plans to Germany tomorrow and the packing we had to do tonite. After almost two weeks with his parents I now see where he gets it from :-)

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