Friday, September 21, 2012

Do your salads come with lettuce?

... said the retard from Michigan that sat down next to us during lunch at the Westminster Abbey Cafe. No wonder people hate Americans! The waiter explained that it came with a mix of greens. They then proceeded to have a lengthy conversation over what kind of iced tea she wanted. Would it be tea with ice? Do they carry lipton? What the fuck?! We faked British accents and got the hell out of there.

Anyway, today we ate lunch in the LSE cafeteria. While convenient (and free since we didn't actually add that option to our accommodation booking, we snuck in from peer pressure from Doug's dad), it sucked. Plus someone spilled  a giant glass of imitation orange juice on the floor right behind us, so it was also sticky. I did witness Doug's dad stealing food to eat later in the day, though, so the trip was worth it. My normal morning routine since I got here is to get up hella early and go have coffee (err, ultra strong cups of espresso until I learn how to order regular coffee) at Cafe Nero where they have free WiFi, and wait for Doug to get up and meet me there.

Today we did a lot of tourist-y things. Checked out Buckingham Palace. I don't quite get the obsession with the royal family. There are about  a hundred gift shops with royal paraphernalia and it all looks like cheap crap. Plus every picture of the queen is one where she looks really pissed off. Maybe she's still mad about having to give up all those countries... or planning the demise of mitt Romney after he dissed her Olympic  games. Anyway, the palace was pretty and the park surrounding it was lovely.
Got some close ups of Parliament and big Ben and Westminster Abby. Spectacular! Amazing architecture; pictures do not do it justice.

Me, with he opposite expression that the queen usually displays
Doug, Parliament

Walked around central London to check out all the shops. Lots of leather. I wanted to do a shopping spree at Jack Wills (  but I don't think I would have been able to eat for 3 months so I decided against it.

Doug looking quite dapper

Sprinkled a bit, not too bad, but I'm worried about rain deterring us from outdoor activities. So far OK. I packed my fabulous red rain coat so at least I'll look good if it does downpour. That's whats important after all.

Dinner a a pub with meat pies, per Doug's mom's request. Not bad! Dessert was some little pastries we got at an outdoor market. That market shut down at 6pm sharp, which was weird.
My in laws, totally wasted! Just kidding.

Doug, totally shit faced! 

Meat pie.

So like I said before we are staying at the London School of Economics. Its in the heart of London, right by a subway stop, and was less than $90/day. Here is the website: Here are some shots of our room. 

I think IKEA threw up in here.

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