Tuesday, September 25, 2012


That is pretty much the extent of my French. Being here makes me think my Spanish ain't half bad! 

Today we went out to a very late breakfast at a sidewalk cafe in a touristy section of town. The food was divine (lemon sugar crepes, bacon cheese crepes with a half cooked egg on top, cappuccino), but we had very terrible service. I'm sure it had nothing to do with Doug's dad leaving near the end of the meal, going next door to buy an enormous pastry and eating it at our table. No, that was an unrelated factor for sure.

Checked out Notre Dame. It was beautiful.

Walked along the river again and went to the Museum d'Orsay. It was phenomenal. Again saw lots of famous pictures in person. This was Doug's favorite:

Vincent van Gogh, artist self portrait. Cell phone pic in he gift shop - no pics allowed in museum.

They also had a special exhibit: Impressionism and Fashion. Perfect! Collection of old dresses, classic France, and art depicting the clothing and scenery from that time. Lots of Renoir and Manet, stuff like that. I wanted to wear several of the dresses :-) but man the chicks were super tiny back then! I'm sure the corsets helped out a bit. Here's a link to the special exhibit, the not have my favorite dresses pictured but these pictured are still cool: musee d'orsay impressionnisme et la mode

I'd post more (internet) pics of the super famous ones we were able to see today, but posting links and internet pics in this blog in the tablet is kind of a bitch.

Bread and cheese and wine again for dinner (our version of leftovers here), and we picked up a few little pastries to share for dessert (although at this point I think I've eaten the majority, Doug had a few bites and the in laws passed). So not really sharing I guess :-)
Hopped on the metro and headed to the Eiffel Tower to see it lit up at night. Duh, it was stunning. They had it light up all sparkly at 9pm, which we just happened to catch as we were walking away, so that was pretty. We're going to go back and check it out again later in the week during the day time, and if we're nearby during the night may go see the light show again.

The tower lit up and 'sparkling'

On the way to the tower there was a sad incident, though. There was this big group of french men playing futbol, oh wait, excuse me, I mean soccer, at the end of the lawn. Doug said he wished he could go over and show them his skillz, and not 30 seconds later the ball went out of bounds and rolled straight to Doug! He did a few trapping moves, set the ball up for a right kick, and... totally flubbed it and kicked it in to a temporary fence that was about ten yards away from their mock field, where it got stuck behind a rail. He totally chocked! He an over to retrieve the ball but the damage had been done. He handled it well but be was bummed (understandably). It was sad. I thought maybe he'd have another opportunity on the way back, but someone kicked the ball in to a huge fountain when we were close and they were fishing it out as we walked by.

The now infamous pickup game


  1. Quel domage, Doug. Did they all do a little nasal laugh?
    Becky, swiping is tricky. It just converted and to Afghan DDS.

  2. More questions for Doug's dad. I seem to be forming them as suggestions, though.

  3. Poor Doug! But at least you had a gorgeous night with the Eiffel Tower! Great photos. Love the stories about Doug's dad - you should have something to share about him in every post!

  4. Ha ha. Suzanne, the posts would be way too long :-) kierst I see I a teaching you well. Who needs questions when you can just 'suggest' ? Ha. Also I expect the remainder of your communication to be in Latin.