Monday, September 24, 2012

Au Revoir, London!

We left London today for Paris! Really super early I might add...

On an unrelated note, here's a pic of the four of us with a little pre dinner wine a few nights ago.
Dad-in-law has a tripod. We have used it once so far.

London never really felt like another country to me for some reason (perhaps in large part because everyone spoke English). It reminded me very much of New York City - the architecture, the vibe, etc. I liked how there are no small bills, just coins, makes it feel more old-world to me :-)

So getting off the high speed rail (which was awesome by the way, California needs to pull their shit together) and buying metro tickets was a complete fucking nightmare. First of all, all the signs in France are in French! What the fuck? Just kidding, but I think I expected at least a few English signs. There's American arrogance for you. Anyway it was literally an hour to do this, since our credit cards wouldn't work in the machines (don't have the chip embedded), the machines do not accept bills, just coins... because apparently its 1325 BC at this station? and the teller did not speak English (and was a total bitch). Lucky for us, the people of France have turned out to be wonderful - had folks helping us with the machines, the card readers, the metro, interpretation, and one guy even called our rental company on his cell phone to help us check in. It was so appreciative. Being away from home and not speaking or reading the language is quite intimidating. (Note to self: be helpful to foreigners back in America.)

 Oh and tangent, I started reading 50 Shades of Grey (side note: this book is total smut!, and second side note: to the person who originally told me about this book, I CANNOT BELIEVE YOUR MOTHER IS READING IT!), Doug looks over my shoulder, gasps, asks me what I'm reading, then immediately turns to his mom and dad to tell them what I'm reading and the content of the book. I ease the tension by offering to read selected excerpts (chosen by me of course) out loud. Everyone politely declines.

 Anyway - Our apartment is AWSM. It's within walking distance from Notre Dame and upstairs from a ton of little sidewalk cafés and shops. I'll take some pics with he phone and past tomorrow, but for now here is the link for the exact apartment we are staying at:

 That café in the last pic is right across the street from me, I can see it from our window.

Free bottle of wine from apt manager. The cork was really dry and it tasted awful. We threw it out.

 The weather was supposed to be shit today, but it wasn't - it was lovely. Much warmer than London, sporadically sunny, lots of people out and about. Doug's mom chose the lunch location, which was a sidewalk cafe out the outside and a club with disco balls and Britney Spears videos and music on the inside. She's a wild one! Ha. Afterwards we walked around the city for a few hours. Saw Notre Dame (the outside), the river Siene, lots of sidewalk vendors and cafes and markets, interesting and beautiful architecture.

In front of Notre Dame and the river with  my  handsome husband.

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They have a public bike system here, too.

 In lieu of dinner, Doug and I set out for another walk and bought wine, cheese, capriccio, and bread (from three different little markets on our street). That's actually a common Friday night indulgence for me and Doug, but barely understanding the signs and labels and directions to pay when we bought made it more special, ha. Doug and his parents went out later and picked up some desserts. They grabbed some gelato, but on the way back it started to rain and they got kinda soaked. My gelato stayed safe, though, so it was totally worth it.


  1. Love the family photo, but why is the foreground an enormous bed? I'm developing a separate list of questions just for Doug's dad. Will share upon your return.
    I'm glad the French are being nice to you. I suspect it's only because of your cross-body bag. I'll bet they are really rude to people with money belts.
    Becky, you are too young to read 50 Shades. It's mommy porn in the worst way. :)

  2. I can only assume that the photographer was interested in capturing the essence of their sleeping arrangements?:-) seeing as how I throw beer, fish, chips, wine and croissants at anyone even suspected of wearing a money belt I can see how the french would be perturbed :-)