Friday, September 28, 2012

720 steps climbed

So obviously we went to the Eiffel Tower today. 

Needless to say my dogs are barking. Those steps are hard metal and the cute (yet on a fast road to being destructed)  Mary Janes I had on were probably not the wisest choice. (In my defense they were the most fashionable choice... pre sweating my ass off, of course).

Doug took a foot posing pic.
Inferior shoes for hundreds of metal steps.

Climbed the stairs to the second story then the elevator to the top. It was a warm sunny day and the views were spectacular.

On the subway over to the tower there was a two person jazz band. This isn't necessarily unique to Paris, acts like this are common all underground tunnels, but these guys were pretty good. The grouchy old man didn't seem to appreciate it, I focused in on his grouch face in this little video.

Walked thru yet another incredible old and beautiful building after. There are so many here I've stopped keeping track of names. France is pretty old and full of history. I'm sure a million people have said this but in normal fashion I probably tuned them out since it didn't directly involve me at the time :-)

Went to a little Patisserie again, and got another bomb ham and cheese sandwich. I think if a french person ever came to the states and got a ham and cheese they would be really sad. I mean, look at this thing!

Ham and cheese sandwich

Speaking of really terrible sandwiches, there are a lot of Subway's here (England too). Its perplexing. Nasty foot long sub with stale bread, prefabricated cheese, and sad, limp vegetables, or a glorious "ham and cheese"?

Beautiful Paris building, blemished by a shitty sandwich spot.

After seeing this sandwich, if you still advocate for Subway you need to reevaluate your life.

 For those confused here is the answer: man up, go for a jog and get the better sandwich. Life is short, don't waste it on shitty food!

OK anyway, we also got this incredible pecan pastry thing. Look at what a perfect bite I took! I have excellent bicuspids, no doubt. 

Robert Pattison has nothing on me.

 We continued on to the Arc due Triomphe (war memorial), where there was also a wedding going on, so I snuck in a picture of the bride and groom. 

Walked down a street called Champs-Élysées which is the fancy/ expensive part of town (I.e., Louis Vuitton, Cartier, etc.). If you've been to Vegas this is nothing new so we walked through quickly an on to the Tuileries Gardens which led again to the lawn of the Louvre. Ton of walking today, I was beat (so yes, the cheese sandwich is justified dammit). Coming home we stopped by a cheese shop I've been wanting to try for a few days. When we first walked by, it smelled like a stinky foot and moldy cardboard with just a touch of BO. This place was a winner! (Making cheese is a really funky process FYI). We got a cube of Mont Briac (my favorite) and two smaller cheeses that were actually sitting out in the open under wire covers (continuing to 'ripen' I'm sure). Also gabbed a little homemade sausage/pepperoni stick, aso sitting out unrefrigerated. Joined the in laws at home where they picked up a fresh baguette and some wine from the little shops on our street. It. Was. Amazing. Speaking of, I've been doing my best to bully, err, explain my food goals to the in laws while we're here. Coming to Paris, I was really excited to immerse myself in to the revered local food culture, where choices are spontaneous, fresh, and eating out requires double the time it does in the states - I have yet to find a local cafe that serves coffee to go. Sit down relax, and drink it there, even if it just takes five minutes. I have been actively avoiding the things I can get in America (no Starbucks, no familiar restaurants, etc.), otherwise what's the point? So anyway, while during the first few days in Paris the in laws were buying prepackaged bread, coffee, and presidente brie (which you can buy at Costco) and eating at Chinese restaurants, they are now buying local fresh bread, pastries, quiches, and wine from all the little patisseries and shops on our streets, and returned to he same sidewalk cafe where Doug and I treated them to dinner to enjoy some Soupe à L'oignon (french onion soup). Success! :-) Not that I am responsible for instilling culinary or culture in to them, they are world travelers after all and far more experienced than me, but that I sincerely appreciated their efforts to indulge me and join me in my plight for a French experience :-) 

Here's another tripod shot Doug's dad took of the group. Notice his pose, I think he's warming up to me :-) This I our last night together. They are off to Rome, while we have two more days in Paris then head off to Germany.


  1. Becky, beautiful picture of you at the top of the eiffel tower! And I'm glad you're enjoying the food. Try the cafe au lait which is the best. I suggest you and Doug find a way to check out Versailles, which is important to French history. Much as that giant horse head is important to British history.

    1. Thank you Mom :-) We didn't go to Versailles, its a day trip, but we saw a lot of neat stuff in Paris this weekend. I've tried every coffee drink they offer (all four of them), I liked the cafe au lait :-)

  2. What an amazing day! I completely support the shoe choice. It had to be done. You're in Paris for Christ's sake! No one mistakes the girl wearing New Balance sneakers for French.
    I still don't understand the tripod placement. Does it need to be 50 feet from the subject of the photo? I know! Adding it to my list.
    I'm glad you bossed everyone into local food. I'm sue you don't hear this often enough, but most people really appreciate being bossed, especially by you.
    We've got the coffee situation under control. I did make some minor changes to formulas in the coffee squad spreadsheet... I'll walk you thorough them when you get back. :)

    1. Thanks, Keirsten, I knew the shoes would have your support :-) And, you are totally right, the new balances scream I'M A FOREIGNER PLEASE PICK MY POCKET! Yes the tripod placement is what puts the giant grin/laugh on my face in all the pictures, haha. Doug disagrees with your bossy comment on the ohtsid, but on the inside, he's waiting for me to tell him what do do, ha.

      Finally, I can not believe you had the audacity to modify one of my spreadsheets! Just kidding, I'm sure its much improved :-)

  3. Don't know if my lactose-intolerant body could handle all that wonderful cheese in Paris, but damn if I wouldn't try. That's what those little pills are for, after all!

    Love the food transformation story. If you're going to eat, eat well.